AOPEN FS DE5100i/I3-3120M
AOPEN FS DE5100i/I3-3120M
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AOPEN FS DE5100i/I3-3120M

Equipo industrial con Intel® Core i3

High-end computing ability for the most demanding and content heavy applications. Thanks to the unparalleled graphic perfomance, you have the power to display impactful messaging with top quality visuals.
The versatile design of the DE5100i provides:
--Flexible Integration opportunities thanks to a unique small form factor
--Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
--Energy Efficient Green Computing
--Long Life Cycle
--High Performance Full HD 1080p Content Playback
--Dual Display Support

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PN : 91.DEA00.E1D0
EAN : 4717002347601