AOPEN Industrial Engine IE-AP300
 AOPEN Industrial Engine IE-AP300  
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AOPEN Industrial Engine IE-AP300

AOPEN Industrial Engine IE-AP300

Rugged design for
industrial applications
in harsh environments
The IE-AP300 features :
Industrial Engine
The IE-AP300 is a IPC with a rugged and fanless design. Due to its
fanless design, the device is dustproof and is therefore very suitable
for segments such as industry or transportation. The device has
multiple I/O ports specially for industrial environments, such as two
COM ports, two LAN ports, a VGA and a total of 6 (4 x USB3.0 and 2 x
USB2,0) USB ports. With up to 8GB of DDR3L memory, and the input
voltage design, the IE-AP300 is equipped for heavy processing in harsh
+ Rugged and fanless design
+ Suitable for industrial and kiosk applications
+ Multiple COM Ports for industrial control
+ Intel® E3940 CPU
+ Wide operating temperature range

Características importantes:
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PN : 91.IPC00.E0A0
PVP 894
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