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AOPEN FS DE6140 AMD R-464L/HD7660G
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AOPEN FS DE6140 AMD R-464L/HD7660G

La potencia gráfica de AMD con control de cuatro pantallas

Power Dynamic Content
on Video Walls
A compact, powerful device purpose-built for powering
video walls and displaying dynamic content on multiple
displays without compromising the quality of resolution.
It has four HDMI outputs and can drive up to four
independent Full HD screens, with high performance
support for Ultra HD resolution making it ideal for large
public displays or video walls.
The versatile design of the DE6140 provides:
+ Support for both Spanning (stretched desktop) and
Extended Desktop on all connected screens for up to
four independent (Full HD) displays
+ Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
+ Energy efficient green computing
+ High performance support for Ultra HD resolution (4k*)

Características importantes:
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PN : 91.DE800.E4A0
EAN : 4717002343979
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