AOPEN eTile 15" WT15M-FI/i3 3120M
 AOPEN eTile 15" WT15M-FI/i3 3120M  
AOPEN eTile 15" WT15M-FI/i3 3120M

AOPEN eTile 15" Intel i3

The eTILE 15M is an ultra-thin, ultra-powerful
and multi-purpose 15.6� multitouch PC tile,
based on Intel® Core™ Processor technology
and built to perform in the most demanding
commercial environments. The eTILE 15M is
highly robust with built-in cable management so
that no ports are visible to the customer, making
the device totally secure and tamper proof.
+ Ideal for POS due to its small size
+ No necessity for an enclosure or kiosk
+ Low operating and installation costs

Características importantes:
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PN : 91.WT300.F510
EAN : 4717002340503
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