AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FA android
 AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FA android  
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AOPEN eTile 19" WT19M-FA android

AOPEN eTile 19" Android

All-in-one Interactive
Touch Solution
eTILE 19M Value
The eTILE 19M Value is a thin and profitable Android
based 18.5" multi-touch PC tile, especially designed for
retail environments. With its subtle and sophisticated
construction this PC tile will certainly attract customers
to interact and engage with your message and/or brand.
Furthermore the eTILE 19M Value is especially energy
efficient which saves operating costs and complements
sustainable businesses. The eTILE Value 15.6" and 21.5"
are also available on request.
Its benefits include:
+ Cost effective Android 4.2.2 OS
+ Efficiency: low in energy consumption
+ Secure: Watchdog Timer included
+ Control: awake your eTILE from a distance and schedule
when the eTILE turns on or off
+ Stable: auto power during adaptor recovery
+ Safe: hide the Android navigation bar to avoid user

Características importantes:
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PN : 91.WT300.FS10
EAN : 4717002345942
PVP 797
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