AOPEN eTile-X 19" AT19M-FB
 AOPEN eTile-X 19" AT19M-FB  
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AOPEN eTile-X 19" AT19M-FB

AOPEN eTile-X 19" AT19M-FB

The eTILE-X19 is a fanless and thin 19.5” all-in-one
touch display. Developed with digital signage and kiosk in
mind. This multitouch display can be integrated in various
commercial setting such as retail, hospitality and corporate
environments. Its sleek design and modular features make
this eTILE-X perfect for any scenario.

eTILE-X19 Features:
Running on Intel® Baytrail Processor
Landscape and portrait wide view angle without blind spot
Slim form factor (40.8 mm)
VESA 100 x 100
Front side IP65 - dust and water proof
Tamperproof because of hidden I/O ports
DB9 connector for RS232 connection
Protective bezel

Características importantes:
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PN : 91.AT100.5B20
PVP 1068
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