TFT 48" Philips Ambilight Display BDL4835QL/00
 TFT 48" Philips Ambilight Display BDL4835QL/00  
TFT 48" Philips Ambilight Display BDL4835QL/00

TFT 48" Philips Ambilight Display BDL4835QL/00

Larger than screen signage experience
with immersive Ambilight
Deliver startlingly clear images in a more eco-friendly way. High on performance and
reliability, yet low on power consumption, it is ideal for projects where no compromise
is accepted.
Maximizing the impact of your message
• Full HD LED for brilliant images with incredible contrast
• Ambilight changes the way you look at Signage forever
• Manage and control your network remotely via SmartControl
Innovative solutions for any signage application
• Free and easy-to-use content management with SmartCMS
• Connect and control your content via the cloud with HTML5
• Save and play content with internal memory
• Schedule what you want, when you want with SmartPlayer
Care about you, your business and your audience
• Show clinical images consistently with D-image
• SmartPower for energy saving

Características importantes:
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PN : BDL4835QL/00
EAN : 8712581734015
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