TFT 84" Philips UltraHD 4K BDL8470QU/00
 TFT 84" Philips UltraHD 4K BDL8470QU/00  
TFT 84" Philips UltraHD 4K BDL8470QU/00

TFT 84" Philips UltraHD 4K BDL8470QU/00

Captivate your audience
With an ultra large screen experience
Experience your content like never before thanks to four times the resolution of a
conventional display. This ultra large 84” display offers 3840 x 2160 pixels so refined, so
lifelike, it's a window to a new world
Optimized for public viewing
-4K Ultra HD: resolution like you've never seen it before
Innovative solutions for any signage application
- Optional OPS Insert to create an all-in-one solution
- Play content from 4 separate inputs with QuadViewer
- Connect and control your content via the cloud with HTML5
- Free and easy-to-use content management with SmartCMS
- Schedule what you want, when you want with SmartPlayer
Care about you, your business and your audience
- Keep your content up and running with FailOver
- SmartPower for energy saving
Maximizing the impact of your message
- Manage and control your network remotely via SmartControl

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PN : BDL8470QU/00
EAN : 8712581735906
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