TFT 46" LED Hyundai D46KFB Super Narrow
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TFT 46" LED Hyundai D46KFB Super Narrow

Panel LED 46" Super Narrow Bezel 700cd

Special Out-Of-Home LCD Panel
By using commercial grade LCD panels for Out-Of-Home
applications, the HYUNDAI Digital Signage display can provide a
higher brightness and contrast than standard LCD TV panels.
LED Backlight
HYUNDAI´s public displays with LED backlight bring the advantage
of an up to 40% lower power consumption, compared to displays
with CCFL backlight.
Super Narrow Bezel
Combined with the cutting edge function, super narrow bezel
design ensures a maximum screen area with unifi ed images and a
mimimum of viewable interruptions.
Easy operating OSD menu, Remote control
In order to setup a multi display wall, the single units are linked
by a daisy chain connection over DVI. The configuration of each
display can be easily set-up over the on-screen menu or the
RS232C interface.

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