LED 47" HYUNDAI D471MAH HB 2000cd
LED 47" HYUNDAI D471MAH HB 2000cd
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LED 47" HYUNDAI D471MAH HB 2000cd

Monitor 47" 2000 cd alto brillo

Broadcast your branding with
HYUNDAI Digital Signage!
According to the advanced product design, Hyundai Digital Signage
Display meets necessary requirements for various digital signage
solutions. Hyundai Digital Signage can be installed in any format such
as portrait, landscape, single, multi and built-in delivering clear and
bright images.
Special DOOH LCD Panel
High Temperature Endurance panel
2000 nits High Brightness
Prevents Blackouts
178º Wide Viewing Angle
Auto Brightness Sensor Control
Time On/Off Setting
Remote Control (RS232)
Special Out-Of-Home LCD Panel
By using commercial grade LCD panels for Out-Of-Home
applications, the HYUNDAI Digital Signage display can provide a
higher brightness and contrast than standard LCD TV panels. Our
LCD panel enables to operate for longer working time, deliver clear
and bright image contents in the portrait or landscape format
without any loss of quality.
High Brightness & Contrast
Achieving a brightness up to 2000 cd/m² and working with a
smart dynamic contrast technology, the special Out-Of-Home
panels ensure bright and sharp pictures with a facsimile depth,
even in bright enlightened environments.
High - Temperature Panel
HYUNDAI’s new high - temperature panel is ready to operate in
conditions of up to 85°C. This prevents so called “blackout”, caused
by overheating, and makes it suitable for installation sites which
are characterized by high temperature, bright ambience and direct
sun light.

Características importantes:
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PN : D471MAH
EAN : 8809093748927
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