TFT 49" LED Hyundai D49EM  
TFT 49" LED Hyundai D49EM

TFT 49" LED Hyundai D49EM

Broadcast your branding with
Hyundai Digital Signage!
Thanks to the advanced product design, Hyundai Digital Signage Display meets requirements for various digital signage solutions.
Not only take advantage from slim and simple design, but also think more about our future environment, saving energy up to 40 percent. LED technologies bring more than just expected.
Special DOOH LED BLU LCD Panel
• LED BLU, Slim Design
• Power Consumption Reduced at 40%
Compared to Normal Display
• Built in Video Wall Function
• Portrait / Landscape Orientation
• High Connectivity
• Remote Control (RS232)

Características importantes:
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PN : D49EM
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