Shuttle DS407T
Shuttle DS407T
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Shuttle DS407T

Equipo DS 24/7 con Celeron 1007U

Shuttle Barebone DS407T

Fanless Slim PC DS407T - more comfort and efficiency at work
Never underestimate the power of small. The Shuttle Slim-PC DS407T packs dual-core power for multitasking in a compact 1.3L size, providing sufficient power for your daily work and high definition video playback. It comes with numerous USB3.0/2.0 ports for external peripherals and also supports dual-display output. Thanks to its fanless cooling architecture, the system is virtually noiseless when using with a SSD drive. It is big on performance yet extremely energy-efficient, consuming only 11 Watts in idle mode. The robust metal chassis with user friendly bay covers makes mastering the mini-PC quick and easy. If you need a silent, reliable Mini-PC in your office or living room then DS407T is your perfect choice.

Características importantes:
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PN : PIB-DS407T01
EAN : 8879930001140
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