Mitac ThinClient Pluto E210 D2550
Mitac ThinClient Pluto E210 D2550
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Mitac ThinClient Pluto E210 D2550

ThinClient Pluto E210 D2550

Looking for a thin client that is as versatile as is it compact? We have the solution. Our Pluto E210 is built around the latest generation of Intel’s Atom Cedar Trail CPU. That means it packs enough punch to tackle any task or application thrown at it.

The E210’s 2.2 liter fanless chassis design gives it the flexibility to adapt to every workspace and environment, whether implemented as a nettop or thin client. VESA mount support allows for space-saving rear-mounting on flat-screen displays. Flexibility also means a rich array of I/O ports to add a variety of peripherals. Storage expandability is supported for high-density hard drives. Wireless card interface allows effortless connection to Wi-Fi networks. Extend your visual experience with support for dual displays.

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