Iiyama 27" FHD BLACK GE2788HS-B2
 Iiyama 27" FHD BLACK GE2788HS-B2  
Iiyama 27" FHD BLACK GE2788HS-B2


Black Hawk – no evil shall pass
The 27’’ G-MASTER GE2788HS known as Black Hawk is the perfect companion at your side. Hard-bitten and trust-worthy, it will make your enemies shiver. Famous for being a very capable hunter with extremely good vision the Black Hawk, armed with FreeSync Technology, eliminates your enemies with a stunning 1 ms response time. And if darkness falls across the land, the Black Tuner function allows you to adjust brightness in the dark shades enhancing detail in shadowed areas making sure no foes remain unseen. So login to the world of games, put on your headset and immerse yourself in your favourite game displayed in beautiful clarity.

Características importantes:
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PN : GE2788HS-B2
EAN : 4948570114948
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