Shuttle XPC Barebone SH97R6
Shuttle XPC Barebone SH97R6
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Shuttle XPC Barebone SH97R6

Shuttle XPC Barebone SH97R6

Stylish, flexible, powerful: Shuttle Mini-PC with Intel H97 chipset
The Shuttle XPC Barebone SH97R6 not only is the eycatcher on your desk thanks to its compact aluminium chassis, it also is a sophisticated solution that packs high performance and flexibility. A value Intel Celeron processor of the Haswell-Series can be enough of a basis to build a complete Mini PC system that connects to three displays at once. If an Intel Core i3 processor or higher is used, playback of 4K-videos on one Ultra-HD-display becomes a reality. The SH97R6 has enough room to accommodate a high-end dual-slot graphics card that makes it cope with the latest games and 3D/CAD applications. Even when fully-loaded with a Core i7 processor, a dual-slot graphics card, 32GB of DDR3 memory, an mSATA-SSD, two hard disks in RAID mode and a Blu-ray drive - the XPC Barebone SH97R6 does the job. Reliably and at a low noise level.

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PN : PC-SH97R611
EAN : 8116860068790
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