Iiyama  WHITE (no border) T1732MSC-W1X
 Iiyama WHITE (no border) T1732MSC-W1X 
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Iiyama  WHITE (no border) T1732MSC-W1X

Iiyama WHITE (no border) T1732MSC-W1X

The ProLite T1732MSC 17" multi-touch screen is based on projected capacitive technology which thanks to a glass overlay covering the screen guarantees high durability, scratch-resistance and perfect picture performance. The touch function remains unaffected even if the glass is scratched. A solid and steady base supports the TouchScreen with an adjustable stand offering full 90 degree positioning angles. Menu Buttons are located on the side of the screen which can be locked to prevent tampering and includes a handy function to deactivate the TouchScreen for cleaning. In addition the edge-to-edge glass design creates an eye-catching finish with high light transmission guaranteeing perfect picture clarity and brilliant colours. Available in black and white.

Características importantes:
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PN : T1732MSC-W1X
EAN : 4948570113354
PVP 409

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