TRENDNET IDE Device to Serial ATA Converter
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TRENDNET IDE Device to Serial ATA Converter

TRENDNET IDE Device to Serial ATA Converter

The IDE to SATA Converter (TU-IDES) allows you to connect IDE devices such as CD, DVD and hard disk drives to a Serial ATA port on your computer’s motherboard. Without software installation required, simply connect power and data cables to IDE devices to SATA connector on your computer.
Connect any IDE CD, DVD or hard drive device to an available Serial ATA port
Use your current IDE device on new SATA motherboards
Utilizes Serial ATA 1.0 and hot-pluggable technology
Master/slave hard drive emulation supported
Supports PIO mode 0~4 and Ultra DMA mode 0~7
Supports ATAPI Packet command set, and 48-bit LBA addressing
Supports additional ATA commands for serial ATA SCR access
Power save mode built-in
Serial ATA Built In Self Test (BIST) ready
2-year limited warranty

Características importantes:
EAN : 0710931302196
PVP 13

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