Iiyama 27" FHD  AMVA+ BLACK X2783HSU-B3
 Iiyama 27" FHD AMVA+ BLACK X2783HSU-B3  
Iiyama 27" FHD  AMVA+ BLACK X2783HSU-B3

Iiyama 27" Business FHD AMVA+ BLACK X2783HSU-B3

A high-end 27” monitor featuring AMVA+ Panel technology
ProLite X2783HSU - a 27” LED backlit LCD Screen featuring AMVA+ panel technology, guarantees accurate and consistent colour reproduction with wide viewing angles. Offering 24 bit ‘True Colour’ and great performance for displaying Black and White with the 3000:1 Native Contrast Ratio, means that the Prolite X2783HSU will provide excellent performance for Photographic, Design and Web-design. With the added support of a Low Power LED Panel, the iiyama Prolite X2783HSU is also an excellent choice for Universities, Corporate and Financial Markets.

Características importantes:
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PN : X2783HSU-B3
EAN : 4948570115594
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