SHUTTLE barebone ALL-IN ONE X50V4 White
SHUTTLE barebone ALL-IN ONE X50V4 White
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SHUTTLE barebone ALL-IN ONE X50V4 White


The Shuttle All-in-One PC Barebone X50V4 is the latest addition to the
X50 Series and is powered by Intel's Celeron 2957U processor. The
latest 22nm Haswell architecture helps improve on power consumption
and computing power. Thanks to its passive cooling, the system is
virtually noiseless, maintenance-free and is approved for 24/7 nonstop
operation. Particularly suitable for vertical applications is the arrangement
of connectors at the bottom and the IP54 compliant front panel
which is dust-protected and protected from splashing of water.

Características importantes:
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PN : PAB-X50V401
EAN : 8116860068936
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