Shuttle XPC Slim XH97V BLACK
 Shuttle XPC Slim XH97V BLACK  
Shuttle XPC Slim XH97V BLACK

Slim PC XH97V

Shuttle Barebone XH97V

Efficient and powerful 3-litre PC
The ultra-compact Shuttle Slim-PC Barebone XH97V is an ideal basis for a small, but powerful Mini PC. Not only is it suitable for a low-noise home-media PC with support of 4K displays, it also meets the requirements towards an office PC and industrial applications. Its three digital video outputs allow for operating three displays at the same time. In a team with 22nm socket LGA1150 Intel "Haswell" processor and a 2.5" SSD drive the XH97V makes for a power-efficient and reliable system for a wide range of applications. The built-in heatpipe cooling ensures the system runs quietly at maximum stability.

Características importantes:
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PN : PIB-XH97V11
EAN : 0811686006848
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